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Bye Bye Monday Blues!

Are you one of those people who constantly experience the stressful Monday Blues? You have a very hectic start of the week where everything seems to be haywire and you just seem to be juggling all of it. Especially, that Monday morning - Oh! My God, just the thought of it is so scary and taxing to our sweet little brain. Well here is a thing, how about you consider Sunday to be the first day of you week rather than Monday? Sounds...Well, "Not Crazy but Easy", right!

So let's take an example of a Monday morning. When you wake up you have many things going on in your head from waking up your kids to getting them ready for the school, prepairing the meals, getting yourself in the frame of going to work both mentally and physically (that unawnserable question of "What should I wear today?"), thinking about the various chores of the daily life, getting your house 'week ready' and the list goes on & on. But the cherry on the cake is that unexpected Monday crisis, where either the domestic help fell sick & took off, or your car broke down, or there is no water or some electricity issue, someone forgot something at the house amidst all the rush & chaos and there - your mental emotional bucket is almost full to the brim...Anger building up, increasing frustration, arguments starting with your family, tempers soaring, your inner volcano about to burst - Welcome to the very well known blame game...I know all this sounds way too familiar. Almost all of us experience this week after week and we wish if only this could somehow change.

But guess what there is a simple solution to all of this. You can actually have a happy, mindful, blissful & stress free start of the week just by making Sunday the first day of your week.

Yes, it is as simple as that, just a shift in your processing system that Sunday is the beginning of the week instead of Monday can make such a big difference to your life. This isn't really rocket science it is actually very doable and achievable. I challenge you to try this for one month that is at least four weeks by making Sunday the first day of your week.



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